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    Cloak and intruders

    I recently bought BC3000 Millenium and so far... so good. I think I might have made a connection with something and wondered if I was on the right track. I've noticed a few times that I suddenly and almost inexplicitly got the "We have intruders on board" message. Most of the time I just got pissed and said... "from where?!" and then ... they steal a ship. Anyway, I noticed that this usually happens after some enemy fighters are around (even if they aren't near where I am). Since I was playing a carrier, I camped out near Charon to send out orders. So, I noticed that the NID, TACSCAN and CVD would get a little noise just before or even after the intrusion. I'm thinking this means that there's a cloaked ship nearby which would explain why I can't see it. Is this on the right track? Or are there guys floating around space everywhere like bacteria just waiting to jump into your ship?