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  1. This looks alright...from the trailers. Parkan II looks to me like a Battlecruiser game for the casual gamer. I was a bit annoyed, however, when reading a couple of previews (GameSpy and Worth Playing) that they did not mention Battlecruiser at all. What's worse, is that the Worth Playing preview called it 'revolutionary' when they talked about FPS areas in Parkan II, a space sim game, when Battlecruiser has had this for yonks! To be really honest with you, I think I'll buy this over Universal Combat (assuming the reviews are good). I downloaded the Battlecruiser Millenium freeware, and I really struggled to get into it. It requires dedication and time, and I don't have that time with coursework and GCSEs (I also needed to print out the manual, but I can't do that considering I have a crappy mid-90s Canon). This Parkan II looks a lot more user-friendly etc. etc. Don't get me wrong though; from what I've read from the manuals and appendixs of the Battlecruiser series, its an absolutely GREAT series. But Battlecruiser Next Gen or whatever you call it I definetly will get. I'm hoping that it'll have a book manual and tutorial mission. Either one of them will convince me to get it. Beats Parkan even though its just alpha from the screenshots. By the way, I have played a demo of Parkan a few years back on a demo DVD from PC Gameplay.
  2. I'm probably going to get this this Saturday, ignoring all the consumer reviews (obviously because they are not BC fans, if you understand) What are the different careers and roles of them anyway (maybe the ranks too, if you're feeling very helpful)?
  3. Downloading now. I think I should ignore the bug reports in the original reviews, because it seems that the game is just so big to bugscan it, that Derek just releases it and gets reports from us forumites and reviews. With the patches I saw in the download section, it looks as if the bugs are fixed, and the new expansion pack looks like it will fix all the bugs. Does BCM and/or BC3K have features that UC doesn't? Such as Fleet Command & Control? I'm quite inclined to UC at the moment, after reading around the forum. ps. Possible I can grab the manual in PDF from anywhere?
  4. I'm struck between the two. Or maybe I should just get both. I'm into a more free-roaming experience, and I heard UC isn't the way to go for that. Also, BCM has scored higher then UC (I hear Earth looks like a blue gas giant). I'm also into the 'multi-genre' style gameplay which both games are promising, land combat and such. So, advice?
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