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    computers ridine freinds
  1. ManHunt

    You know you're a NOOB when....

    When you turn off ure engine and wonder y cant I stop.
  2. ManHunt

    Problem with video codec

    hey i had the same problem and got a fix of the net but it took some looking. i think that i typed in "indeo codec" into google downloaded about a dosen things but just keep tryen and ull find the right 1. i would put the file on the forum or send it to the sc but i dont no how sorry.
  3. ManHunt

    planet movement

    also on the topic of planitary conquests are there some planets that cause damage when u enter their atmosphere.
  4. ManHunt

    planet movement

    note to self neva become a marine btw thanks a load i just wanted to watch a star base get flattened by my pta saw it in a descussion and though o yeah i must do tht
  5. ManHunt

    How do I locate starbases on a planet?

    Hi Im only new and i was woundering if there was any quick way to move on a planet in a cc rather then just flying which takes ages plz help Thanks in advance
  6. ManHunt

    planet movement

    hey all iv just started to look into these forums and i was wondering if anyone could tell me of a faster way to move the a planets atmosephere. iv neva bothered to go anywhere on a planet for the reason that it just takes to flippen long. if anyone could help it would be appreciated. P.S. sorry for and spelling errors its not me strongest point.