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  1. RavenxxGhost

    What Universal Combat to buy?

    Thanks all for the advice i think i would go for 2.0 version then as i like updated graphics lol I downloaded the free version of UC tokeep me going till pay day but i can't seem get into windows mode for the life of me I did try -w in the shortcut but still goes full screen and hard to follow the tutorial alt tabbing all the time Cheers. Silly me forgot to add the 1 lol
  2. RavenxxGhost

    What Universal Combat to buy?

    Thanks RT for great info sorry for all the questions i am asking. The normal Collectors Edition i take that does not have the new updated GFX as the 2.0 version. multiplayer not much of a problem as i like the solo play on this game. Cheers.
  3. RavenxxGhost

    What Universal Combat to buy?

    Hi thanks for the reply. From what i remember is when your looking at the planet map it was so big that if you did not know 100% where your troops where you could lose them easy on the big map screen without any icons or function to zoom to location on your troops. And you say the non-2.0 has all the updates and latest fix's if so then thanks Does the Special Edition have the same patch fix's and upgrades ? Cheers.
  4. Hi all. I did have a long time ago the normal Universal Combat game but it was so bugged i could not play it for long So i really miss the game and now i see there new versions out ? Does the Collectors Edition v2.0 version add much over the normal (free) version. 1 more question if some one could help me out with is when i had UC i could never track or locate troops/ships or anything i sent down to a planet and that was a game stopper for me. I mite of missed some thing on the map screen lol Thanks for any help.