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  1. CaptainKal

    Pc Game Piracy Examined

    The only problem that I have, with this kind of DRM, is that in three or five years from now that I am going to re-play a game (or even play for the first time. I have yet to play, Mass Effect or Bioshock), I may not be able to activate it. So something must be done by the publisher and/or the developer, to ensure that the game is still activated after some time has passed. (Remove the DRM or keep the activation servers online or even do what Derek and some other developers do, when they release their games for free, after some time has passed.) May be that's why I am going to buy it. But I thing that I will wait for the collector's edition (which it will contain all the inevitable add on packs ) This may have a lot to do with the kind of games they make and the age group they target. Although they use a kind of DRM. (Impulse or their way of patching the games). All in all an excellent article. Especially the part about the economics of the torrent search engines.
  2. CaptainKal

    Protecting your computer

    I use Avast 4.8, Spybot Search & Destroy, and Sygate Personal Firewall. Not a problem so far. (Or I could use my old Amiga 1200, to log in, and never use a anti virus program. Just a thought really. Never done it. But I could try it, for the fun of it)
  3. Nearly 1.20 euros, here in Greece. And I read in an newspaper (" O Kosmos tou Ependyth - Investor's Wold" , 12 of July 2008), that the profits of oil producing nations, from the day that the price of oil started to rise, reached nearly 600 billion $ , and another 50 billion $, went to various trust funds.
  4. CaptainKal

    Spore Creature Creator

    Or 9.99 Euros. (That's about $15).
  5. CaptainKal

    Trailer - 300

    To set the record straight 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians. (Out of the nearly 10,000, I think, that tried to stop Xerxis.
  6. CaptainKal

    A return to the old days....

    Another reason to buy an 360 a couple of years from now. (The other two are Knightblade and Mass Effect, unless they come out for the PC too ).
  7. CaptainKal


    quote: Finally, since the english beta version of Parkan 1 is almost a legend It is not a legend. I have one copy of it. I bought the Russian version of Parkan, and I didn't knew what to do. So I emailed the developers and they sent me an english version (Very nice guys indeed). If anyone is interested I could upload it somewhere.