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  1. checking in for Jan. Hi all hope eveyone is well... 'MAX'
  2. Still here sort of. Will try to be more active.... 'MAX'
  3. OK Im back and signing in for the July role call. If u need me for thing e-mail me... 'MAX'
  4. Ahh I remember when they posted the list of the conected computeres and u had to dial long distance to talk to it. There wasnt an internet and what the hell was a server It was the golden age og the Hacker, it was fun talking to the FBI computer before they got wise and took them off the outside phone links hehe. Those of us who could program in binary were kings LOL ... 'MAX'
  5. Here and hoping for a early MP download... 'MAX'
  6. Papi: Been gone for awhile but i will give mission 2 a go if it isn't to late. I will have some time this weekend. Thanx for your efforts it is much appreciated... 'MAX'
  7. Bandwidth will be updated in profile... 'MAX'
  8. Cmdr Remo Williams: Have updated profile to meet with the recent promotion of Cmdr Badgerius... 'MAX'
  9. OK Remo, I,m back and ready to get into the "War Games" ... 'MAX'
  10. The publishers will have BCM out soooon. Yea, I got a 14th of Nov. release date, but I will believe it when I see it. "It will be ready when it's ready and it ain't ready".... 'MAX'
  11. TLG- Great game and it plays very smoothly. It is easy going on the nerves, not frantic like the Tomb Raider series. The ending is good, it doesn't leave you p*****-off. If you want to try a great graphics game and have the card to play it, Sacrifice is pretty good and it can be played differently through the choice of gods that you use... 'MAX'
  12. Watch out for the "bots" Tac, they are out to get the unguarded... 'MAX'
  13. I'm glad SC, you do not need any more headachs. We can all wait for the GOLD ... 'MAX'
  14. I have stuck by you for years, Derek, and always waited with patience for the upgrages that you promised. You never failed to come through. I personally can wait and really don't think that it is that great of an idea to send out a partially finished product; however, there will be those that can't wait. The ones that have been with BCK and BCMdev understand just how important it is to get this to the public as a GOLD lable. The people out there that love to hate Derek Smart will be drooling at the chance to blast the partially finished version. Please present the world with the finished CD and don't give in to the drooling hoard. It will be hard to wait but I am used to "It will be ready when it is ready and it ain't ready." Keep the fires burning, we are all pulling for you... 'MAX'
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