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    Space games, flight sims, 3d modeling
  1. RT

    Universal Combat CE v2.0 Released FREE on Steam

    Yup, I'm probably getting ES on Steam later this month, I never finished the campaign and I'm the completionist type. Hopefully it can help me forget I spent 50€ on Elite Dangerous .
  2. RT

    Universal Combat CE v2.0 Released FREE on Steam

    Great stuff Derek! I had been having problems running UCCE (and Echo Squad) since gamefly took over D2D and their DRM seems to have borked it up, but the steam version of UC works flawlessly!
  3. RT

    AI War

    Sad to hear that, but also glad you could test it before making any hasty purchase you might have regretted. It's in cases like that you're glad there are still games, indies mostly, that provide demos and don't force you to rely on less than ideal (let alone legal) means of testing before you buy.
  4. RT

    AI War

    By the way Sho, you can download demo the base game and every expansions here. They're pretty much full game downloads but every game your start is time-limited (I think the tutorial is not time-limited) until you unlock the full content by inputing a license key. Should help you give yourself an idea if the game is for you: it's a great game, but it needs some getting used to the graphics, UI, all the controls and hidden menus, the very different departure in gameplay from other RTS games.
  5. RT

    June 2013 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Still around, though not as much as I'd like!
  6. RT


    I've been playing it since beta with 5 IRL friends of mine, and I have to say it's a real blast. Lots of people complain that it's not enough Planetside and a bit too much Battlefield on a grand scale. Well, tbh, my friends and I have always loved playing Battlefield as a team, so we're glad we can now play Battlefield on a map several kilometers wide I'll probably pour some cash in it when I have enough spare time to enjoy it.
  7. Thanks for the heads up Sho, I almost forgot about it.
  8. RT

    more space games

    Actually, the Infinity devs are currently considering going the kickstarter route: they already have a few showoff vids, so they could definitely pull off some good advertising campaign. They have finally come to the conclusion that two guys simply can't make it in a decent time frame: the engine they've been developping over the past years is getting to a state where it is definitely usable to make the game itself, but they want to licence it first and be sure to have it really stable, mature, and if I'm not mistaken, quite portable. Which ofc takes as much time and effort as actually getting to the simply working point... and yeah, finally they're probably going to let the community help financially (remember, back in the time, when the project started, there was no kickstarter, or at least it was not as well known as it has become these years). I still have faith in the project, though I've long stopped being a regular of its community.
  9. RT

    October 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Reporting in, sorry guys I've been more or less away from the internet for a couple months due to RL issues. It's all sorted out now!
  10. RT

    July 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Cmdr Hector Malori here sir.
  11. Nice tips Joey. Alternatively, I got v2.09 to run using this page. The tips given for XP should work for Vista and 7 as well.
  12. RT

    February 2012 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Reporting in. As for your question Mordax, I just checked and there is a tools folder in the 1.01.04 instal, so if you can't find it for 2.0, it probably wasn't included. I'm not sure GBS4 still works for 2.0, but seeing how 2.0 is mainly a graphics update to 1.01.04, I see no reason it wouldn't. Sadly I don't have a 2.0 instal atm, so I can't answer more precisely. Check your PMs.
  13. RT

    December 2011 Insurgent Fleet Muster

    Merry Christmas everyone, Commodore Malori reporting for duty!
  14. RT

    I need to expand my game Library

    Well galciv II ultimate is currently 7Ç on Impulse.