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  1. Dagoth

    Sony Playstation 3

    i'm wondering, with the ps3's high price, will there be like a financing thing? like 30 bucks a month or something? might be better for the uhh, less fortunate >.<
  2. Dagoth

    Design a ship!

    lol, amazing that i didnt find this game earlier. i dunno how i missed it... (just found out about the battlecruiser series, shame on me) but i love it! i had no idea about the dates on these either >.< i feel left out
  3. Dagoth

    Design a ship!

    oh, one more thing, i know this is a little ripped off, BUT WHERE THE CRAP IS THE STAR DESTROYER??!?!? i mean, honestly, a star destroyer would be swweeettt....or a death star, acts like a station, just no planet around it. heh, sry bout the caps
  4. Dagoth

    Design a ship!

    hmm, all of those sound really good, but my money would be on the ship that is a little more....lets say....imaginary. A full Biological living ship. of course, what does this do in space? well, plant of course, yes, a plant if you will. it would be....oh lets say...about: *2700m long *height of 1350m an overal width at the longest point to be about 2000m *PTA turrets, no, more like solar radiation cannons. penetrate measly sheilds with ease. (one or two of those, not to be over-powerfull) *main cannon, not mechanical, but launches super heated beams created by two plates on the surface that concentrate the sunlight and reflect it into the "main cannon" kinda like a magnifying glass, but effective at all ranges. *main means of flight..energy plates, transfer sunlight into pure, undonting energy. *speed, hella fast...cant turn worth crap tho. no means of sheild, and no collateral damage by incoming ships, a very hard carapace, 500000 ap, but no internal things get damaged until that goes down, once its down, the ship is no more than a cargo pod....that moves... MY dream ship....not filled with people ethier, more along the lines of...aliens!! oh yeah, aliens, and/or predators...