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    Car Commercial

  2. Bandus

    Ravenous burglar arrested

    Thats interesting.
  3. Bandus

    Is the Yellowstone Supervolcano

    It'll be like a reality TV show....except for real.... :-)
  4. Personally, I don't think Kerry will do that good of a job. Both presidents credibility are completly shot. I am interested in the next 10 years as well...
  5. 1. Beam Resnig down to planet 2. Target RANDOM weapon at Resnig's location 3. Fire RANDOM weapon 4. Repeat as necessary until your sufficently satisified that Resnig is indeed dead.
  6. quote: The actual engine and, even more importantly, its power source-a nuclear reactor, a solar array, or other form of power generation-would remain on earth along with the earthbound, entangled fuel sample. And if some how or another the earthbound power generator was destroyed the spacecraft would suddenly stop moving and it's occupants would most decidely be SOL....no pun intended. Seems like a pipe dream to me...but is cool. It just needs more work.
  7. Bandus

    Man Trips Over Woman; Her Family Eats Him?

    I read that earlier this morning. I was like: "Ehhhhhh.....no?" Good god...
  8. Bandus

    Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

    If a man rapes a women....the penalty should be as follows: You FORCIBLY casterate him. You make him so he can never use his sex organs again in any way, shape or form that would give him pleasure. Then you put him in jail for a very long time.... I have to say, I am very tired of the whole "carebear, criminals have rights" attitudes. In my opinion, if you commit a crime, YOU FORFEIT YOUR RIGHTS. End of story to me. I don't understand why it is such a difficult concept....
  9. Bandus

    Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

    quote: Now killing is wrong, but if we torture and/or kill the reputed killer are we better? Absolutely. That argument is ridiculous in my humble opinion. I can't stand people saying, "We aren no better than the killer...yada yada yada." BS if ask me. Why? Intent....it's allll about intent....the killers intended to cause pain and death over a video game.....under my belief pain and death should be caused as retribution and punishment for their crime....it's all about intent. quote:There have been cases where a person has lied and said that they committed the crime when they have not. These four individuals must receive due process of the law. I repeat, if they are dumb enough to confess to a crime they didn't commit, then they must suffer the consequences of their stupidity...
  10. Bandus

    Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

    WeeGee, they CONFESSED to the crime. Even if they DIDN'T do it for being stupid enough to confess they should be shot....
  11. Bandus

    Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

    quote:He was a good kid, he just got with the wrong crowd," said Hunter's father, Dan Washington. "He never seemed to be that type ... that was violent." What an ignorant son of a b*tch. This story has me so pissed off....and now they are going to make taxpayers pay for attorneys for these bastards? They need to line them up, and shoot out their knees and elbows....I have a long list of other things they can do before they actually kill them but I will keep my anger in check. I hope they get what they deserve...
  12. Bandus

    Night at the movies - The Village

    Hehe...I'll admit it SC, upon watching the previews and watching interviews with Shalymayan it was definetly mis advertised. In a way though, I think it was necessary to get you in the proper mindset. The movie would have been "standard" stuff if there had actually been monsters. The thing I found cool was that you, yourself, the viewer, created the plot twist because you were expecting evil creatures. Now, if there is a lovy orgy between the Aliens and Predators I'm going to have to thrown down with the manager of the theater and the director...
  13. Bandus

    Battlecruiser insurrance...

    Hehe. No kidding.
  14. Bandus

    Night at the movies - The Village

    I went and saw it a 2nd time SC....I personally loved it. :grins: Maybe you just...didn't get it? :runs and hides:
  15. Bandus

    Night at the movies - The Village

    **************SPOILER WARNING*************** I think Noah was the one responsible for cutting up all of the animals. I mean, when they find out he has escaped from the quiet room she even says, "Oh my God, the animals." I think Noah knew about the secret one way or the other before the movie even started....
  16. Bandus

    Big Foot was a hoax

    Maybe it was the Easter Bunny? I believe....
  17. Bandus

    Ghost/Demon caught on tape.

    :Gawks: Tac! Is that really you? Or are you a ghost or demon? :grins: My theory is that it's BS....I already posted that though...
  18. Bandus

    Doom 3 - The Official Thread

    I agree. Id isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Takvah, I'll be more than happy to be on riot patrol. :-) No rebelling over the poor, uneducated Gamespot reviews people! It's only a review! It's only a review!
  19. Bandus

    Training BC AI

    I thought this is was a family rated forum. Is he allowed to post those kinds of methods? :Grins:
  20. http://www.cnn.com/2004/WORLD/europe/08/03...reut/index.html All I can say is..."Wow. Just, wow."
  21. Bandus

    Night at the movies - The Village

    I never caught that Noah was in on the secret. But that makes sense. Hrm, interesting. Time to go to the movies again...I think I need to watch this again.
  22. Bandus

    Ghost/Demon caught on tape.

    Scrivener and Takvah, I too have some very...incredible...experiences and I would REALLY like to discuss with you all in a more real time environment (chat room or IM). I understand if it makes you feel uncomfortable to talk about this stuff, I know how you feel. However, if either of you two would be up for a chat, please send me a PM and we will organize something? Oh yeah, and as for the video....I'm sorry...I don't believe it...it's just too "neat." I mean, the ghost is just there waiting for them to turn the camera? Also, if you stpo the video and look at it slowly, when the cameramans flashlight hits the "Ghost" the "ghost" appears solid. While I suppose this is possible, it seems like it it's very likely. Secondly, when their flashlights hit the "lantern." You can still see the flame as clear as day. It seems more like a more modern light source than a flame too. Anyway, I'm very skeptical at best. Edit: Now that I've read the story I totally think this is a fake. I only watched the video previously but lets point a few things out. quote:Cody said that he seemed to have the same feeling he had the night before and was not going to be going in. Tanya agreed and the two of them decided to hike back to the carHow incredibly convenient. So now we have two people whos whereabouts are unable to be determined. Maybe what we saw was Cody trying to scare the two? quote:It got to the point where I was so nervous that I wasnÔÇÖt even looking through the viewfinder. I was just holding the camera and pointing in the direction of where I was looking.Yet he was fortunate enough to get such a great shot of this ghost? Wow. Thats pretty good for an ameteur video recorder... quote:The rocks seemed to be placed into a more symmetrical pattern around the piece of meat.This is the second mention of the meat. It apparently had been there for at least two days yet he makes no mention of it smelling or anything like that? Interesting... quote:This part was terrifying, because when it came out it was at least ten inches taller than I. And I stand at 6ÔÇÖ7ÔÇØ tall which meant that this demon was about 7ÔÇÖ5ÔÇØ tall. I was completely frozen in place while I was standing right in front of this thing. No way. From the video, he had no time to judge height especially if he was that scared. Furthermore, he was OBVIOUSLY not frozen in place because there is less than 1 1/2 seconds before he sees the "Ghost" and then splits. I have a hard time buying this part too. Summarily, it all seems like convenient misdirection. I mean, he points the camera at the closet this "ghost" came out of. Then he has people distracted looking at something on the left side of the room while someone walks over to the closet and gets in it(which, by the way, may explain why one of the flashlights briefly goes off to the right side of the room while they are looking at the object wedged in the door) and then suddenly a noise is heard. This one smells... [ 08-04-2004, 08:48 AM: Message edited by: Bandus ]
  23. Bandus

    Night at the movies - The Village

    I agree with everything Scrivener said. I was expecting monsters and creatures and death and blood. I was totally wrong, but I loved being wrong and I think Shayamalan is a genius. There were os many cool themes in this movie in my opinion. There was love, overcoming difficult obstacles. There was the concept of "the road to hell being paved with good intentions." They tried to create a crime-free and good society and they had to do something wrong and bad (lie) to do it. Furthermore, in my opinion, if you went in expecting monsters and ghost it was kinda your own fault. I mean, your own imagination took flight with the previews and even during the movie. You saw what you were expecting and wanting to see. Anyway, I loved it. 9/10. I marked it down one point because there were SOME scenes that were ruined for me because of people in the theatre and I couldn't enjoy them all. As a sidenote, I saw this movie on Thursday at a special sneak preview. I was at the CPL for Counterstrike, CoD, Painkiller, exc. I was one of 50 people that won a spot to go see it early. **SPOILER WARNING** * * * * * * * During the scene in which the mentally handicapped guy stabbed the supposed main character, half of the people in the theater yelled out "Humiliation!" That is what the Counterstrike game says when you get stabbed. Talk abot nerds....good lord.