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  1. Hello, I'm new to the forums really, I made a account a bit ago but didn't really say anything. I saw this post though I was going to post the generic same, so I might as well post here.. I was curious to know if there will ever be "Capturing Plant Bases". For a bit a saw a structure called "Capture Tower' but I suppose that isn't what it was. I'm not saying "ADD IT ASAP" but I am curious to know things about this game. I think this would make single player marines more interesting if you could capture bases. But I know you put alot of dedicated time into the game already, and it goes to proove it by how great the game is.

    I have the first UC, UC:AWA, UC:SE, UC:CE, so yeah, this game means alot to me, it's one of the first games that I've been able to enjoy to do what I want, freely, I love the fact you can fight in space, air, attack naval units, ground units, bases, etc. The game is just simply awesome!

    But if not, that is no worries, I am very interested to see how everything goes. Good job on a great game. I've been stuck on it for years now :)

    And to jsite73 reply, they rebuild, unless you use a OTS missile, I believe.