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  1. I bought Universal Combat CE when it first came out, and stopped playing cause i hated having to put in a dvd every time i played and, there was no crack for it anywhere on the internet, and now i check the site and see that UCCE got updated to 2.0 for free but that offer is no longer valid? Why wasn't i emailed about this? Now that i have money i might consider buying 2.0 but its really stupid that the free offer isn't available now. Anyone know where i can buy 2.0 ONLINE i absolutely do not want to play with a dvd. i want a download able version but i don't see 2.0 on direct 2 drive.com
  2. Diocide

    UCCE v2.0 free upgrade

    Yes, that upgrade will work. Ok thanks gonna buy it pretty soon, just wanted to make sure. Been wanting to play a good space game again and this game is really good.
  3. Diocide

    UCCE v2.0 free upgrade

    ok found the update but i think I'm going to just buy a download able version. I hate putting in a cd/dvd. But i don't regret buying the box cause i like having the box and the books that came with it. I just thought someone would have cracked it by now. But no one really knows about this game. Ok so if i buy UCCE on D2D, then update with UCCE_2_0_UPG_DR.exe from here http://games.on.net/file/26518/Universal_C...l_River_version i will have the 2.0 version?
  4. Diocide

    UCCE v2.0 free upgrade

    I did hate putting in a cd so much i did stop playing it. Thats why i didn't check the website and find out about the update.
  5. Diocide

    UCCE v2.0 free upgrade

    I don't play games without a crack period, anyone that does just ruins cds/dvds and its a pain in the ass putting in a dvd everytime especially when you do it tries to Extract the game again on UCCE and you have to manually ctr-alt-del and end the process. I did already see a place to buy it online, but someone said he had problems with it. I mainly just wanted to tell everyone that, a update was free and now isn't and that is bs.
  6. It fixed both scenarios for me, thanks for the fix.
  7. Yah i get the same error, it crashes to desktop when i try to load the future is now. Also on instant action scenario IA0311 SF Marine Space Station Defense, i get a Fatal Error, "Error Opening FARSTAR/FARSTAR", i assume thats a missing model or something that didn't get installed for some reason. Also whenever my command craft in roam scenario (at least that I've tryed so far) gets destroyed it crashes to desktop instead of saying game over. Other than that this games great. I have the newest update and directx 9.0c August that installed with the auto patch updater.