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    Close Calls

    Landing Attempting to land in the GAL/EXP mzone on Obsidia. The Galaxians appear to want to be left alone.
  2. RichardCranium

    New to the game.

    Hmm. Wrong type of game, I think. :-)
  3. RichardCranium

    Close Calls

    A shorter list would be when I didn't have a nasty close call.
  4. (Well, there are only so many characters allowed in the title.) The crash occurs every time that I attempt to use planetary scan mode on Demios or when I attempt to land on Demios in my command craft. I had been able to land my CC on Demios earlier in the game and had performed mining operations while replacing my reactor with a Trellis. Since all 4 of my mining drones are busy hoovering up goodies on the surface of Demios, it would be nice to be able to retrieve them. I'll Alt-G save the game and restart from another save point to see if the problem clears up.
  5. Greetings, That's one of your ship's disabled fighters. Sending a shuttle out to tow it in did not appear to work; the shuttle would RTB but leave the disabled fighter floating around. Telling the fighter to RTB and flying the mothership to within 50 meters didn't work either. Nor did telling the shuttle to deliver the fighter to the mothership. Can it be done? Or should I just deliver the fighter to the nearest station?
  6. RichardCranium

    How do you recover a disabled fighter?

    I reloaded from a save point and my pilots haven't managed to bang-up any of the fighters that much since to try it out. On the other hand, I did find out what happens when you pop out of a flux field into a black hole sector. Yikes!
  7. RichardCranium

    How do you recover a disabled fighter?

    Ah. It's treated like a cargo pod (except for the launch control bit). Of course it would be that simple. Thanks!
  8. RichardCranium


    So. I'm trying a single-player ROAM scenario, taking all the defaults. I haven't lost any shuttles, fighters, or support craft. One marine has been killed by intruders, but I hired a replacement. I've had a few engagements, but nothing big; I've taken out a few fighters and a couple of larger craft. Done some mining and traveled around the Terrain and Syrion quadrants. I also have -6000 odd experience points. I do not see anything in the appendix that would allow me to rack up -6000 bleeping experience points; especially since (as far as I can tell) I don't have a patrol zone in a ROAM scenario. Could someone enlighten me?
  9. RichardCranium


    It appears that neutral ships engaging other neutral ships in your sector also count against you. A TRS-colored-blue MER engaged and destroyed a TRS-colored-blue DIP near the Starpath station. Instant -5000 odd EXP for me. That's very annoying.
  10. RichardCranium


    OK, so what defines the area that I am patrolling? Is it *anything* in the bleeping Terran quadrant? Or just whatever I can see in the TRS? If I leave a region, how long am I "blamed" for events that happen within it? Is simply having a probe in the region enough to lose EXP? I'm not getting any SOS messages. (Nor have I destroyed any friendly or neutral assets. If it isn't red in the TRS, I don't go after it.)
  11. RichardCranium

    Europa (UCCE 2.0)

    Has anyone landed their CC on Europa in a single-player Roam game? I attempted to do so and ended up with a destroyed CC. The craft was taking damage while in Taxi mode. I managed to land on Venus earlier in the game without any trouble.
  12. RichardCranium

    Europa (UCCE 2.0)

    Hmm. OK. Frankly, I was more worried about landing on Venus or Mercury than Europa. The only obviously odd thing about Europa was that the graphic of the moon's surface did not completely cover the moon in the tacops view. Lesson learned: always believe the claxon. Thanks!
  13. RichardCranium

    Terran Alter Ego Appearance

    I don't know if this would work or not (probably not), but... In the directory Program Files/3000AD/Universal Combat Collectors Edition/gfx (I'm running linux at the moment, so the directory seperators are backwards from the MS Windows point of view), you'll find the file frontend_interface.zip. In that zip archive, you'll find the file career_fcmdr.bmp. You could try replacing that file in the zip archive with another bmp image of the same size. I'd strongly suggest copying the original frontend_interface.zip file to a save place before you mess around with it. Worst case would be that UCCE won't start at all (checksum mismatch), so you just put the old file back.
  14. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    Well, using a joystick it's fairly easy to fly low and make it to the starbase. We were able to kill all the enemy marines when they attacked the starbase. I grabbed the gunship that carried the troops and used it to shoot down attacking aircraft. I hung around the starbase to repair and rearm. I unassed the gunship between the first and *ahem* second waves of attacking aircraft. Oops. Scratch a lot of stuff. Save game is your very best friend. Yessirree.
  15. In story mode, anyways. Never a dull moment. Many a fatal one.
  16. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    Oh, fair enough. I was pretty frustrated when I tried that stunt; we had already killed all the enemy marines in the area and I was tired of watching the shuttle blow up with me in it. After my jaunt back to the base, I hopped into the shuttle on the star base and flew back to get them. (They were running overland to get to me.) Got shot down on the way. I hate having to fly shit.
  17. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    Well, the new update showed up on Steam (1.00.35), so I figured I'd start from scratch. I'm really starting to think that it is a Really Bad Idea to grab the vehicle with the lovely machine gun. I assume that it's taking me too long to kill everyone off and grab the shuttle. Shuttle leaves ground, shuttle gets shot down. I can't even make it into the canyon (not that it would matter; they'll kill me when I fly into the enemy base.). Aaaand I now know that my squad mates are too stupid to punch their Ctrl-Y chin buttons when they watch me do it. After all, why would you pick the safe, guaranteed way to get to your local star base when there's another way that can get all you killed?
  18. RichardCranium

    All Aspect Warfare / Angle Of Attack V1.00.35

    Any idea about when Valve will get off its ass and push out the patches? I would ask this over in the Steam forums, but my user id is in the queue for posting rights.
  19. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    OK, finding and using a PSU helps a bit. I'm living long enough (most of the time) to take out all the enemy marines. The gunship, however, can take a few full clips of machinegun fire as well as 4 frag grenades. The Terran base is pretty much smashed up and the enemy air support flies around and shoots things. Like me. I guess that I'll re-equip with a rocket launcher and see if that can take out the gunship. You can't hitch a ride in it, either. Bit the big one when I tried.
  20. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    Yes, it's the 1.00.26 version. I've died just before the gunship appears in the base. I've also died while hiding in the nearby barracks or starbase within a couple of seconds after the gunship appears. I've also died while 5 or so klicks away in another part of the base. Or at the nearest enemy base with nobody in range. The longest I've survived is when hiding near the large building that's NNW of the starbase. I thought that I was getting killed by the base's automatic fire. That building doesn't last very long. Maybe I'll pop a smoke grenade to see if that helps any. I was able to figure out the first skirmish without the hint.
  21. RichardCranium

    My Ass Is Sore From Having It Kicked So Much.

    Is there anything special about the second skirmish? I seem to get killed no matter where I am or what I am doing.
  22. RichardCranium

    All Aspect Warfare Video Tutorials

    For some reason, I think that you were in god mode for at least one of them.
  23. RichardCranium

    Ucce Small Problems...

    I can't say anything about your other questions, but I haven't seen this behavior while playing a Mobile Infantry Marine ROAM game; my squad members are pretty good about finding things to kill. Since they are Marines, they have an unfortunate desire to close with their target and shoot it at point blank range. When they get too close, they stop shooting at it. They also don't beat on it with their weapon or fists, either. That's with a lower AI value. (Or so I guess; you can't find out any details about your squad members as a Marine squad leader other than their current LF value. Ammo level? AI level? Armor level? Nope, not that I could figure out. That isn't going to change, either.) What version of UCCE are you playing? There's been many an update recently and most of the v1.01.x patches deal with NPC actions. See the VCF. (The same stuff is in the v2.x patch stream.)
  24. RichardCranium

    Dev Update (All Aspect Warfare)

    I'm glad I had finished my beer before reading that one. It's always a pity to waste beer by spitting it on the screen while LMFAO.
  25. RichardCranium

    Memtok, The Mind Taker!

    Memtok, the mind taker! (EDIT: I have only done this in UCCE. I've also added the line about being visible when you shoot up the base to spawn the enemy marines.) Start a Marine Roam game (lone wolf or with a squad doesn't really matter, assuming that you don't care if your squad gets killed off). Be any type of marine that you wish (I've done this as a MIM). Use a DJP to jump to your favorite enemy's starbase (I usually play TER-MIL, so I pick the TER-INS starbase). Don't move far from the jump pad. Ensure you are standing up or crouching so you can be seen. Shoot up the nearest barracks, bunker, or command-and-control building to draw out the enemy marines. Use the DJP that you came in on to jump to a friendly base or city before they smoke your butt. ALT-S to TACOPS and zoom in to the enemy starbase that you just stirred up. Find the enemy marines that are running around and add as many of them as you wish to your PLV. While you are looking in the area, add anything that you would like destroyed to your PLV such as a the MFB or STO launchers or whatever. Press 0 (zero) and stand up. Select an enemy marine in the PLV and then press SHIFT-; (the gesture for "follow me"; using the TOM won't work for this). Continue to select the enemy marines in the PLV and press SHIFT-; until you have done them all. Now you can use the TOM to give them orders, such as attack each other or anything on the base. (Actually, you can give them orders immediately after the gesture.) If you have a squad, your marines will always consider them to be enemies and will kill your subverted enemy troopies if they get in range. If you make your subverted marines shoot at a building that will spawn enemy marines (like a bunker, barracks, or command-and-control building), the newly arriving marines will kill your subverted marines without hesitation.