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    Ucce Small Problems...

    1. My pilots will only fire 5 of their 10 missles on a combat sortie regardless of my direct orders, number of hostile targets in area, or threat to the pilots themselves (i.e. taking severe damage/targeted by multiple enemies etc.) Their AI level's are fairly high (70's-80's) dog fighting skills still baseline. Any way to get them to run their munitions dry or do they simply need to increase their DF skills before they will make proper use of ALL of the very expensive loadouts I purchase for them so as not to die? 2. Ran into a slight problem short time ago involving my AE taking a little combat sortie of his own, CC becomes infiltrated (I leave for 5 minutes and the whole place goes to....), officers shut down launch control and I'm stuck outside. No power to launch control or Transporter control. On page 23 of the Tutorial, Mr. Smart mentions accessing tacops via remote and manipulating CC power, however, if I'm not on-board the CC, I can't access Her power settings under Tacops: When Logistix is selected it only gives me system data of the support craft I'm piloting, in this case a fighter. Any way around this or am I screwed? 3. When deploying marines on atmospheric combat and issuing SAD or SEAD orders...they just sit there. Yes, I made sure they were prepped for combat before Infil and yes they are well within range of hostile targets (happens even when I beam them directly inside enemy compounds) Their AI lvl is upwards of 60+, but unless I issue specific strike orders, they just chill out wasting tax dollars, much like some of my real buddies at work. Is there some kind of unlisted experience lvl where Marines only get better at combat after they have seen some action regardless of AI (such as DF or BA for pilots) or am I missing something? 4. When Recon Force Marines are deployed, they assume the prone position and I am unable to issue them orders. There's not even a green target box around them, its like they became part of the planetary vegetaion rendering. While this is very impressive and just the kind of ninja-like skills I would expect from Marine Recon, I would very much enjoy being able to tell them what to do. Not to mention recover them. What am I doing wrong? 5. Curiosity Question: !!!!POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!! Don't misunderstand me, the ROAM scenario is a beautiful thing and I very much appreciate a game that has this kind of premise - especially compared to most games today that feature linear hand-holding gameplay that require absolutely no thought and baby-step-you to the end and are exactly the same every...single....time...you play them, but, with all due respect to the Role-Players (I do have an imagination and I do understand the concept) there's only so far my mind can take me. Years in the military have diminished my brain power - so, in the ROAM scenarios is there actually any way to....advance or....begin some kind of story line other than what is in your own imagination? Such as the probe in the Supernova beyond Obsidia or activating the "Utopia" scene on one of the planets or actually finding the Galaxians. Are there even any guests in the ROAM scenario? Anything? Anything at all?.......*cricket*...... I am thankful in advance for your help as well as your patience with an ameteur.