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    Space combat, space simulation, RPG.
  1. calinicos

    Question about Scripting & Multiplay

    Nice. Its sounds f... fantastic! Is possible to make new missions?
  2. calinicos

    No Cargo Pod In Tutorial

    You can try also match cargo pod throught Tacopsystem, looking around the region.
  3. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Players around the forum: Now is official. UCCE MP (last v1 version) Session, 23th, 8pm GMT. We have 5 players confirmed at this moment. We hope more. Contact for more details. Cmdr Calinicos Makinavel
  4. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Hey Sho, My english is very poor and I am very lucky, because ôproposalö, in formal way, ôis a plan or an idea, often a formal or written one, which is suggested for people to think about and decide uponö and not only about ôto marryö : ) It was a very fun misunderstanding. This is one of various ôpriceö of a global world: to see people from other countries writing æwrongeÆ in english. ; ) I will check with fellows about BCM, but it is out of support and impossible to buy à So, we are thinking upon a UCCE MP session at 23th, August, Team Vs. mode. But we have not a definite GMT to play. We must confirm interested members in it until 18th, because we must test configurations and organize teams. So, if you want to play with us, please, send me an e-mail or PM.
  5. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Hey fellows, This must be said: we are playing UCCE but we are open to new proposals. ; )
  6. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    We need many, many drums to be miles away from Slip man! But The Hope is [not] Gone [yet]!
  7. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Hey guys, Contact me to get configs and schedules. We are nine now!
  8. calinicos

    Multiplayer Sessions

    So, now we have a little group of UCCE players. MP sessions, basically at Sunday. Would be very, very good see a server from 3000ad open again. Contact me for more details about MP sessions.
  9. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Heya Folks, We (me and a couple fellows of mine) are inviting friends to play UCCE MP in our network. Please, contact us to details and schedule. We are built structure of sessions yet, but we are playing specially on Sunday. GMT is open yet.
  10. calinicos

    Multiplayer Community

    Hey Noxx, I am looking for players to engage MP game, but I was not successful yet. There is a good way to find players and schedule game party? Please, contact me.