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  1. Hail to the Supreme Commander and all other Players!! I am brand new to the Unervisal Combat Series and I am absolutely enchanted with this game and fascinated by its depth, even though I get my ass kicked on a frightenly regular basis, I still love it. But that is beside the point. In most of the games I play, I like create an avatarthat looks somewhat like me. It helps to immerse me into the game world and improves my enjoyment many fold. That being said, I was wondering if there was a way to change the appearance of the Terran AE, as I really don't look like a six foot white guy with dark hair(more like a 6'2" black man with thinning hair). Not this takes away from my enjoyment of this game, but it would help me enjoy it more if I could change it. Is this possible? Please let me know! Thank You very much!! Darien Huey