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    Docking at Space Station

    Thanks to both for the tip. This was very helpful.
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    Docking at Space Station

    Hi All, When I first found BCM it was the game I had been waiting for. Between the amazing number of control and gameplay options, and the ability to command a wide array of vehicles and to enter first person mode I'm in gamer heaven for a long time. I recently got back into UCSE and remembered an issue I had when switching from BCM to UCE: the time it takes to approach a space station close enough to dock. After I exit hyperspace I need to fly roughly 80 km to dock. This takes about two minutes or so. With BCM there were afterburners and time compression, but I can't find anything like that in UCSE. Am I missing an obvious control or setting option or something? Or is there another way to approach the ship faster to dock? Please help as I love playing this amazing game, but having to wait two minutes at every space station breaks up the game experience for me. Thanks in advance, fritz