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  1. FuryMGS

    Save data in MP

    Hi ShoHashi ! ^^ I suspected it worked like that. I've seen in the manual that I can't save a MP profile, and that is the reason why I was interested by Fleet servers. At least, I managed to add bots in MP. ^^ Thanks for the answer.
  2. FuryMGS

    Save data in MP

    In the BCMG FAQ I saw that an option to save the profile was available in multiplayer (was going to be in a later version to be more precise, so already available) in servers "Fleet". Is this true ? I also saw that these servers are reserved for fleet members, so that means I can make a Fleet server which will be a sort of private group ? Anybody can make a Fleet server ?
  3. FuryMGS

    XP lost

    I remember a neutral diplomat was destroyed by a neutral mercenary in my area, so I think it's teh reason. Thanks for the response.
  4. FuryMGS

    XP lost

    Hi.^^ I have another question : Sometimes, I lose a significant amount of XP without knowing why, between 3000 and 7000 I think. Is there a reason ? I precise I haven't destroyed any friendly or non military crafts. Thanks in advance for your response.
  5. FuryMGS

    Weapons's problem (FPS)

    I've tried to reinstal, and do what RT said, but that don't work. It seems this bug concern only this save. I've noticed that space supply stations are visible when I'm in my ship, but not when I leave the ship. I have restart a new campaign, thanks for your help. ^^ PS : I've just understand why I can't see the supply station, it's because ... I'm too close of it when I'm in the craft, and when I leave it, she is IN the craft. ^^
  6. Hello again, I have a little problem with my Commander. When I left my ship to go into space, my weapon doesn't appear (or almost not), whereas it appeared when I've left my craft for the first time. Thus, I can't shoot, or change weapons by pressing the number buttons. Is this a bug or did I made a bad handling? Thank you in advance for your answers. Here is a screenshot of my problem : http://img580.imageshack.us/i/bcm2010070419001538.jpg/ As you can see, a small piece of the weapon is visible. I've tried all the keys, but it doesn't works.
  7. FuryMGS

    Create a Multiplayer server

    Ok thanks. ^^
  8. FuryMGS

    Create a Multiplayer server

    So I managed to launch a server, but is it possible to download scripts that would allows the emergence of NPC or play in single player's galaxy ?
  9. FuryMGS

    Create a Multiplayer server

    Thanks for your help. Edit : I have just tried and i can join my server LAN, but that seems a bit random. Nevertheless an explanation step by step is welcome, if I misconfigured. ^^ Edit 2 : I've tried witn another people. That works, but the server isn't very stable.
  10. FuryMGS

    Create a Multiplayer server

    Thanks for the link, but if I understand correctly, this text refers to Universal Combat. ^^ Looking at the list of topics, I came across interesting posts. There aren't public servers, that I understood, but how do I create a private server ? Sorry again if this has already been said, but as I said I speak badly English, and I also know nothing about hosting servers.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a small question for you. I apologize in advance for my bad English, I speak very little English. ^ ^ I would like to create a multiplayer server for BCM Gold, but the person with whom I tried failed to join. It was the same thing when I tried to join a server he creates. I point out we tried LAN. How can we do to play together? Sorry if I could find the answer myself on the forum, but I looked up and as my English is bad, I could have missed the answer. Thank you in advance.