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    Naval Units: Does This Include Submarines Too?

    Excellent news! Thank you very much, Supreme Cmdr!!!
  2. B5GkarNarn

    Line Of Defense Announced!

    I'm glad to see a new sci-fi MMO game like Line of Defense announced. I'n a bit disappointed that the focus of this game will be PvP (at least initially) but after reading the FAQ I think that there will be enough things for me to do (healing as a medic) to check this game out. Question: Will this game be shown at PAX East 2011 in Boston next month?
  3. Will submarines be included within the naval units? I hope so because I'd like to see diferent types of submersible ships: 1) small 1-2 players mini-subs that have torpedoes and can move very quickly, 2) medium-sized subs with 4-8 players that move a bit slower than mini-subs but have more firepower. I'd also like to see a small mini-sub that can fly in the air & also go underwater too.