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  1. I just signed up for the beta and I am super excited face! :)
  2. Awesome I'm glad to hear that! will be eagerly awaiting new info
  3. So anyone know how the game is coming along we haven't gotten new information in months
  4. Just read the #lineofdefense tweets and I gotta ask, What do they mean? Is more information coming out in the coming weeks, or possibly something even better?
  5. Hate to ask but how long until we get another update? (I check the LOD sight at least twice a day by the way).
  6. the screenshots are awesome! can't wait for the blog to come up!
  7. Cannot. Wait. Till. New. LOD. Blog. Argh!
  8. damnit I was so excited too I don't think I can wait any longer lol
  9. I will continuously be hitting the refresh button until it comes up! Been waiting for this!
  10. shooby


    Well E3 is going on now. Can we expect to see any Line of Defense there?
  11. Hello Damien Wolfe and welcome to the forums! And there better be a Tacobell in the game lol
  12. There will be markers up to a certain distance. Beyond that distance, you either have to rely on eyesight or Tactical Warning System (TWS) inventory item (yes, you have to buy it) which immediately gives you the direction/location that a shot (that hit you) came from. If some guy is sniping you from a mile away, you won't stand a prayer of a chance. Which is why you shouldn't be standing around gazing at the scenery. good because I always hated how in battlefield people would just spam the mark button to find people who were like so far away you could barely see them with a sniper scope.
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