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  1. This game has all of this though http://lodmmo.com/news/beta-applicants/
  2. Gotcha. Anyways, I am looking forward to kicking the tires.
  3. Well this is the generation of entitlement you know. Everything is supposed to be free, easy and disposable. On a side note, it's August and I checked on Steam and didn't see anything related to this EA unless I overlooked it. Any status?
  4. No Just No. 256 is fine for the map size. PS2 tried the "size always matters" concept only to architect it so that the pop has to be sooo spread out to avoid performance problems they had to back off on what the original design was when players complained about lack of huge battles.
  5. How's it going with this project Derek? I am a senior business analyst by day and hardcode gamer by night. I must cast doubt on any monetary gains the longer this drags on unless you have some hardcore VC in your pocket. Either way I just want to play this game.
  6. Rumor has it that beta is being targeted for Q2/2014???
  7. Latest pics look great. Looking forward to getting in game!
  8. Good deal. I just spotted LOD and Derek's Twitter and started following. Glad to seem some recent info posted!
  9. Haven't checked in here in a while so I thought I would ask how things are going?
  10. The game will stand on it's own merits. I think it does have a lot going for it and I have been following it for a while. He has it sized right in both pop and cont size for sure. We'll have to see how it works out but I sure wish he would hurry. There are a lot of disgruntled PS2 players that would give this game a look in a heartbeat.
  11. You should be seeing more hits here soon.
  12. I have been watching the mess Planetside 2 is evolving into (and rather quickly), leaving a large opening in the FPS world here soon. Anyway, good luck on the engine work and best wishes for a successful journey soon.
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