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  1. Loving the LOD screen shots!

  2. MartynB

    VERY impressive!

    Hey guys I just wanted to stop by and say WOW! LOD looks like it could be a very big game indeed. There are several MMOFPS`s coming out this year and so far you guys seem to have taken the lead in the screenshot and graphic side of things, looking really awesome. A few questions i had .. Guys where is the awesome looking web site? The site looks kind of bland and unprofessional for a gaming company for example take EA`s BF3 web site or Sonys planetside web site etc.. To appeal to the mass`s i think a complete revamp is needed to get even more people interested. Beta news, news letters etc.. the web site needs to match the games awesome looking art work. When is the game due to be released? or closed beta started? would love to test this game for you! Are you guys looking to compete with sonys planetside next coming out at some point this year? anyway please reply, i am web developer and have worked with some other large companies in the past so if you need any help or direction please shoot me a pm for some portfolio examples! Will be keeping a close eye on the development for this game. Thanks MartynB