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  1. zzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz bored to death nothing to do

  2. Thinking of upgrading to a 2nd GTX 460 SCE SLI FTW :D

  3. http://t.co/1Xvtiiz Awesome! Although i play as medic since BF2 :)
  4. Hmmmmm should Blacklight:R have collectibles like dog tags when you knife someone...?

  5. #MW3 or #BF3 who wins this year FPS GOTY? I would go for BF3 :)
  6. Johnny Relvas

    I Just Leaked Through My Happy Pants.

    Nice to hear that derek! Can't wait for new screenies and wallpapers
  7. Johnny Relvas

    Line Of Defense Announced!

    Indeed...It would hit like a truck with such big explosions... so we can expect enviroment like the ones from Unreal Engine... the tool by EPIC games in games like Homefront and Unreal Tournament?
  8. Johnny Relvas

    Identifying enemy (and friendly) players

    Who stays in a open field these days anyway..... ( oh yeah newbies and rushers...) either way take cover and get them from behind full stealth ftw! Either way how is the HUD (Heads Up Display) Derek ?
  9. Funny... thanks to the hackers we know that Sony is using a older version of Linux 2.6.9-2.6.24 and using a older version of Apache 2.2...... Times changes Sony.......

  10. Everyone who has a Playstation 3 watch your Bank Account... ALL OUR DATA HAS BEEN CAUGHT to the hackers...everyone watch your Bank Account and hope for the best...... Shit happens..... Watch your corners marines!

  11. Johnny Relvas

    Questions from the FAQ

    O.M.G awesome!!!! badass!
  12. Johnny Relvas

    Questions from the FAQ

    Sounds good!
  13. You went to bed early last night, I see you turned off your phone, You never returned my calls. Restraining order? What about our love? I have pictures of you. Hundreds..................

  14. Johnny Relvas

    Questions from the FAQ

    F.A.Q = the information that you only need to know for now.....apart from that...Looking forward to LoD new blog post!!!
  15. I have applied for Minh Le's new FPS Tactical Intervention Closed Beta! Click here to apply! http://ti.mayngames.com

  16. Johnny Relvas

    Questions from the FAQ

    Indeed =)!
  17. I need #GearsofWar3Beta been all day trying to get one >.<

  18. Tommorow gonna play Halo Reach anyone fancy to join =)?

  19. so hard to get a GoW3 code rhrhrhrhr

  20. Johnny Relvas

    Questions from the FAQ

    To bad hope you change ideas after you see more gameplay!
  21. Johnny Relvas

    Game Status / Progression

    Damm il be off in August hope it's not in august!