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  1. Just how i like.... hoping for infantary only combat as well!

    The biggest problem we're going to have is balancing. Like all my games, these worlds are HUGE. While a 2x3km base in a 16x16km region doesn't seem that large, just wait until you actually start running down main street. Then you'll see just how massive the area is. If the base isn't well populated with [infantry] players, we're going to end up with a situation whereby there are going to be these pocket skirmishes going on all over town and nobody actually engaged in the main objective of taking the base.

    Which is why the base will automatically spawn NPC infantry in the event that one side's base has low (either due to low player numbers at the time, folks sitting around in an FOB filing their nails or busy engaged in another base) human players.

    I see that is really one Big issue we will need to resolve it seems...I think the best way to do it would be a system like the one i've thinked about take a look:

    Having a Mission Finder in the game would be very good,example you have just log in and you wanna battle but you dont know where to go with so many bases, then you click on the mission finder to find a WarZone located near you or far away (could use a type of parachute dropship or just ground transport)or just a instant transport lolz! (was giving ideas due to RolePlaying) to a location that needs players to have a fight! in the end of the fight that player would get a better reward or something similar...

    There are manys to fix this balance issue of low number of players but deciding which one is the best and the right one to fix this issue of the lower number of players.

    Now to the OMG L33TZ players that only farm kills.... We all KNOW! that this is the biggest issue of PvP(Player Vs Player) games this days, people just rush to farm kills instead of capturing objectives...

    But putting new systems in the game to make players play a objective game will mean more balance (sigh but it's true) so the best way to do it in my view would give good reasons to people stop farming kills and instead work as a team to capture objectives but to do that we will need to have a type of reward system for capturing bases and objectives... that is harder to make ;(

    Also, i hope there is a A.F.K kick system, this is one of the things that i hate most is being inside a game where half of the team is afk, in my view i would go for a report autokick system

    example: player X reports player A of being afk if he doesn't moves in 1 minutem player A will be kicked.

  2. I think what that mate wanted to mean is what do you think of the future of the game :o =)

    I got other questions

    1) Will have the game have headshots? (some shooters dont have it like global agenda)

    2) When the in game trailr (i just........can't wait for it)

    I'm looking forward as well to see how you are going to deal with the udpates after the release really curious about your ideas

  3. The only thing that i'm a bit dissapointed is the lack of the customization ;( this could be a feature that could be added for players who would paid for the game or a Customization Pack as a DLC!

    I really like the idea of weapons ID lock reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of Patriots

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