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  1. Shit.... Anonymous hacked PS3 Web servers....Serious i dont have any problem against Geohot... i mean he is 100% legal what he is doing to his ps3, he can mod it he can change software, from the look of the stuff it sounds like SONY wants badly his ps3.... there must be a why sony is sueing GeOhot.... Hope you make it GeoHot that PS3 is yours.... you bought it

  2. Next stop DIAMOND LEAGUE! keep it up TnG we can do it :D

  3. Off to Bed lads and ladies! See you tommorow Peace out Tested today : WarInc

  4. Great match with @GamerOfFreedom @zh1nt0 and others! we should do it more times guys!

  5. va harac ijn nudi al´╗┐ ada!

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