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  1. Sorry, but no. Oh well, guess I'll be forgetting this game then.
  2. Disappointed to see it really is Windows Vista/7 only. Is there any plan on ever making it compatible with DX9?
  3. Glad to see your opting for both free to play and buy to play models. This greatly expands your player base while also expanding your potential profits. Not going with monthly fees is also a good idea since most shooter players have proven they do not like this. Cheers!
  4. I've been watching LoD for quite some time now and was starting to get worried for the 2 or so months of silence. Imagine my surprise when I check the forums and lo and behold there is an update planned in the next few days! A big one at that. Keep up the great work guys and I can't wait to see whats been up.
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