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Multiplayer Utilities

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Remote Server Handling

  1. First there is the freeware UltraVNC. Very simple. Install the server (as a service if possible) on your server. Then use the client/viewer from a remote system (LAN, Internet etc) to access the computer and startup, shutdown, configure the server etc. This can startup either the graphical or console server and works better than Terminal Services (Win2K) or Remote Desktop Connection (winXP)
  2. You can also try Radmin if you want a commercial offering. I have recently started using this and have licensed a copy because its a lot faster than UltraVNC. Also it has a few more advanced security options.

Server AutoStartup

  1. I use ServerDoc for auto starting the server in the event of a crash, hang etc.
  2. You can also try FireDaemon which also allows you to start the console server as a service under WIN2K, WIN2K Server, WINXP. This allows the server to work like any regular service on the OS. When configuring this for UC, download this config XML file (use Save As) and copy it into the FireDaemon folder. Then start up FD and load this config file. All you have to do then is change the paths to the game if they are different from the defaults. Save the config, then start the service.

Comms Tools

  1. Teamspeak. This is the most popular mp comms tools
  2. Ventrilo. This is another favorite that is becoming popular

Browser/Buddy Tools

  1. All Seeing Eye. BCM Gold and UC use the ASE sdk for the in-game server browser. The standalone version has more options. Particularly the ability to scan a server and see the names of your friends who are playing on a server. I use it for this purpose, even when I am connecting to a server using the +connect option - which you can also configure in ASE. A copy of ASE is on the BCM Gold CDROM, but not on the UC one. If you install it from the BCM Gold CDROM, it will auto-update on startup.
  2. Kali. Another legacy one which is fast staging a comeback.
  3. XFire. This is new on the scene and allows you to see if your buddies are online, what game they are playing and what server they are on. It has full support for UC. You can request an invite to the 3000ad friend and when approved, you will be friends with all others who are friends with this user.

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