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More newb questions - Multiplayer

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Hey all,

I'm new around here, and am slowly learning my way around UC.

I'm really wanting to get into the multiplayer side of UC. But with the community aspect of this game, I was wondering if there were any rules, cautions, suggestions, and other helpful tips that could be given to one as ignorant as myself before my venturing into the multiplayer servers?

Also, on a more technical level. I am on a 56k modem, which the game supports. How much of a disadvantage will that put me at though? Is it worth even trying on dial-up?

Thanks for the help, anything is appreciated...even the occasional slap.


I'm running some ship names through my head, could someone give me some opinions on:



New Dawn


I'm tying to find one to have and stick to for a good length of time. So I can really feel in Command of my AE erm. , I mean, CC. (CC is Command Craft, right? )

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The 56k connection works really smooth when in space but is awful on planets (I'm on 56k too); so if you stick in space you'll play fine and you'll get your back well crisped....

As for the occasional slap..... ....here you are... be my guest.

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First slap then ask questions!

No for real, depending on which timezone you're in the multiplayer servers can be quite desolate. I usually am very alone....

The multiplayer aspect is about to be unleashed into the community, the fleets getting up to speed again and organizing themselves.

In the mean time, try to get to know a little bit more about the community (read some RPG threads from the past (1998 - 2000)) and maybe if you interested in joining a fleet, do so and get up to speed contacting fleet members.

Then just enter the MP servers and have some fun and polish your MP skills... You'll be needing them soon!

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Thanks for the help.

I'll browse around and see what I can learn from the Role Playing section, and ask some questions in the fleet sections so I can figure out which one would be right for me.

SC: Sorry, posted in wrong area. I'll be more careful next time...I just reek with newb

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