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How do i save in MP

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First of all Remo the last 3 links on your post are talking about BCMG and we are in a UC forum

battkecruiser online>>fleet&muliplayer discussions>> Universal Combat

secondly i think that Derek Smart should include something in the next patch (or even an opional DL) that would allow the computer that the server is running on to save the data of the player on the servers computer.


what if in the next patch Derek included a feature were you could manually save the data of your MP player on your computer (perhaps even taking up one of the blocks in the profile blocks(not sure if thats what they are called)in the saves or roam or campaign menu (you know what im talking about)if nessisary only you cant play in SP with that ship because it will be greyed out. Then quite simply when you log onto a server it asked you if you wish to load previously saved data, and you say yes

Wow that was quite a mouth full, sorry it was kinda hard to put into words. Just a sugestion, I'm not a programmer so i dont know if its possible (however Neverwinter nights has a system simaller to this). So SC if your reading this plz reply


p.s. lovin' the game

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Guest Remo Williams

LOL! Observant but it still applies. This hasn't changed from BCMG to UC! I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this feature for UC either friend.

I knew I shouldn't have broke from my normal reply to this sort of question. "You can't now siddown".

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