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Tunneling software

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Quick question, has anyone considered trying to tunnel UC to get the better bandwidth settings in the LAN settings? I found a piece of tunneling software that I thought might be interesting to try, but I don't have a server to try it out on to see how it would work. Is there anyone who wants to test this out to see if it works?

tunnel software link.

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Well hold on, that might not actually be 100% accurate.

I've seen several cases where tunneling or use of a VPN have actually improved stability, but there are other factors to keep in mind.

When using a VPN it will increase your bandwith usage, and if the VPN is encrypted it will also hit your processor (but not much to affect anything unless your on a pentium 2 or less).

Tunneling isn't a bad idea don't take Axx0s statement as a all encompasing answer to all tunneling or VPNing.

The only way to find out diffinatively is to try it, it may actually help with certain aspects, it is not impossible, but do try it and see if it helps.

If you never try then you'll never know either way.


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