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Multiplayer Servers Status

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Originally posted by Supreme Cmdr:

We have decided to kill all the official UCAWA and UCSE servers because - once again - we are having problems with the ISP. We've had the server crash and remain offline for these past few days.

We are going to be moving to another ISP and will post more information when we happen to find one.

well that figures i finally got off my butt and decided to buy the game. Ive been a big BCM fan since i found the game yrs back and have been waiting forever for the Multiplayer to go live. Keep us updated as to when the servers will be back up please

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well, there are a few people who run private servers , most of them in fleets, that run independently of the public servers (which they also use, but fleets also organise regular training sessions, fun sessions and matches), so joining a fleet would be a great way to get into the MP action, in more way than one

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