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an interesting bug...

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If you prone (X key I believe) you can scale walls at any angle. it's kinda cool on those civilian sky scraper things to just sit half way up the wall and wait for a bad guy to come along... "What the..." *boom*

you can also hang from the bottom of ships this way too. and also from the sides. looks freaky to see a guy plastered onto the side of a SC holding a gun

oh and to get it to work you can't run at the wall, just push forward and it will "snap" you on to the wall. Some ships (and the rare building) you will have to jump on top of them go prone and go over the edge, with a little luck you will be stuck on the side of the object. but most you can just crawl onto the wall.

I don't expect a fix or anything but I just thought I'd mention it in case it got transfered to UC.

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