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How to do a patch roll-back or roll-up

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There may come a time when you might want to roll back to a previous patch version or to re-patch to the current version.

You can do this using the in game Updater if you do not have the previous patch file saved.

To do this, simply edit the SETTINGS.INI file in Notepad (or similar text editor) and change the current version to the desired version in the version= line.


You patched to 1.00.17 and you'd like to roll-back. Just change version=1.00.17 to version=1.00.16 and run the Updater. It will read this file and then inform you that a new patch exists on the server. Download it. Apply it. And the patch level will be back at 1.00.17

The Updater will always download the patch from the server, copy it into the game folder and then execute it. This means that once patching is complete, you can go to that folder and save the patch if you wanted to.

We always keep two (current and previous) patch versions on our patch server so that you can roll-back or roll-up.

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