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System engineers not performing right

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Two things I've noticed with Sys engineers.

1. When leaving your CC, all engineers stop working and go back to on-station. Shouldn't they continue on their task without me?

2. If you start a repair on a space station and then leave, the repairs will continue, even though the engineers are not working anymore.

My example would be...I docked at New Frontier as a Ter/Ins with some minor hull damage. I used their free parts to start repairing while I traded. I left the station with 91% hull remaining. I notice about every minute or so, this number would be raising on display. I hadn't assigned the sys engineers yet, and I double checked with perscan. no body working, systems repairing. Eventually the hull reached 100%.

I just noticed these today, and I'm going to check them out some more. If anybody else has these problems, please let me know.

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My thanks for moving the thread, but newbie thread? Just kidding, it's just I wasn't too sure if it was a tech issue. Ok, thanks for looking into it Bandus, I'm going to try right now.


I was just able to reproduce the starbase repairing problem. It seems as though I may have been mistaken by the other though. The engineers didn't leave their job when i left the ship.

Heres what I did

1.Launched as a battcruiser mk3 ter/mil

2.I went out in a fighter and shot up my ship until some hull damage occured.

3.Docked with my CC, then docked to Galcom.

4.Started repairs on the hull, then went to tradecom.

5.I left the station and watched the hull/armor guage on the main screen. It was going up as if it were being repaired. I checked perscan, nobody was repairing.

It may not matter, but the engineering officer said "hull/armor is under repair" when I left the station.

[ 02-15-2004, 04:25 PM: Message edited by: Pyromaniac ]

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