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GBS-III Tutorials

Supreme Cmdr

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What kind of tutorials would you like to see. Try to be realistic. And if you don't have any idea how the scenarios work, play some of the IA scenarios and ask me questions based on those. I did some tutorials for GBS-II (check that forum) and will start doing some new ones (which I will post here and in PDF files for the GBS-III distribution) here for GBS-III.

btw, there is an FAQ at the end of the gbsIII_docs.pdf file.

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Guest DocHoliday

(If this thread and subject is still alive)

I would like to take a look at GBS-III. I understand it's not publically available, so I request it from anyone who has it and is willing to mail it over.

I'm interested in putting together some mission along the lines of:

- Aliens

- Space: Above and Beyond

Both have totally compatible contents to UC concept.

So I guess the components needed would be:

- scripting of in-game instructions from "brass"

- possible ways of adding custom sounds to it all.

- rather basic stuff like, how to set up events, triggers.. (unless this is already included in the docs)

- if there are any posibilites to do if-then-else branching...

Mostly for ground deployments, recon missions, multi-vector attacks, fighter patrols. But it will take some time before I master both the playing and the scripting side of it and actually produce anything useful:)


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