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Supreme Cmdr

Wings Over Vietnam

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Guest rtoolooze

S.C., obviously you know this comes from "Strike Fighters", the Sim from TK and the team from Third Wire. (Heh, I still have the original Wal-Mart version here somewhere).

Now, while I admire all the different planes, skins, and theaters made by fans, SF-P1 seemed lacking to me. And even tho the graphics engine, especially the sky and weather, seems very dated, I really wanted that sim to succeed. I love the era. (The planes modeled in SF-P1 are fabulous tho)

I really hope they flesh out the campaign in WOV.

And fix the flight models. I'm not worried about flashy graphics, I just want it to "Feel right". I'm really looking forward to carrier ops! If they can get the feel of this sim right, I'll love it! Here's to hoping.

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