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Cat Pee and Computers

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This was just too good, got this in my E-mail.


Beware! Our cats have taken an aversion to computers, & have peed on more

than one of ours, for reasons totally unknown to me. (Until this started

happening, they had been quite trustworthy in the house.)

The first time, I was BUILDING a computer on a table in the dining

room, & an unidentified feline peed inside the open case. (This is wrong on

SO many levels -- they know they aren't supposed to be on the table, too.)

The next time I turned it on, blissfully unaware that it was freshly peed

on, half the expensive new components fried. Under the smell of new computer

components & fried everything, I couldn't even really smell cat piss

separate from all the other stinks, & wasn't 100% sure what had happened.

But the stains I found inside the smouldering wreck sure looked like cat


Then I found an old derelict computer that I had been harvesting

parts off of which had been peed on more than once by the time I found it.

Since recognizing this pattern, we keep the cats out of rooms where there

are computers, & if I am working on one, I cover it with towels when I am

not in the room.

However, I recently decided to see if I could get an old computer

working to give away -- & it was FULL of crystallized cat piss. (This

particularly perplexed me, as the machine was snugged up against the wall,

in an area where the cats don't usually go, & they apparently managed to pee

inside an open drive bay or an open expansion slot. I can't even IMAGINE the

posture they had to assume to get pee inside those tiny & ill-placed

openings. There was very little pee on the outside of the case, but the

inside was FULL of it. Anybody know where I can sign these cats up for the

precision pissing contest?)

My sister lives in Missouri -- her cat never MET our cats. But she

had a computer that got peed inside, too, & she, too, reported that he

apparently peed on the front of the case & somehow managed to soak the

innards. (And my sister doesn't work on her computers, in the dining room or

anywhere else, & nobody can think of anything he was, excuse the expression,

pissed about...) I don't know if they resent the time we spend with the

computer, or if they dislike the chemically smells coming from inside, or if

they just accidentally picked a fiendishly effective target for expressing


Needless to say, cat piss can totally destroy a computer. (If you

find it before you turn the sucker on, the parts can actually be washed in

hot soapy water. This little fact has been discovered by technicians whose

computers have been pissed on, so this is not an isolated phenomenon. You

have to dry them VERY THOROUGHLY before you put them back together, & there

is no guarantee that the acid in the pee hasn't ruined components anyway...

And it is also hard to remove all residual odor, which could be quite a

problem with the computer all warmed up.)

This is one of those cases when prevention is obviously FAR superior

to salvage... I cringe when people talk about their cats liking to sleep on

a warm monitor...

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Guest MIKE113

As a TV repairman I have seen this many times. I don't know why they do it but we should see if we could train them to pee in Terrorist computers! After they make a copy first of course. No seriously I have seen many circuit boards and components totally corroded away from it. If you get it soon enough you can use soapy water but who checks their TV inside? Nobody!! By the time I see it it's too late! Denatured Alcohol works to clean it but usually some components are useless.

With computer circuit boards being mutilayer thats real trouble for the component feedthroughs!

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Never heard of such... and I have four cats and I've ever had cats.....

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I hav 2 cats and theyv'e never pissed into my machine, probobly because im never away from it longenough for them 2 get it!

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