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[UCCE] New console server

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The just released 1.00.06 patch for UCCE now has a console server (UCMPCONSOLE.EXE) which does not require 3D hardware.

So those of you wanting to host remote servers can now deploy a server on leased or purchased servers since those are usually running Windows Server 2003 on hardware that does not have shader model 2.0.

All you have to do is upload your digital distribution version (you cannot setup a remote server using the DVD-ROM version of the game) of the game to the remote server and install it. Then run the Updater to grab the latest patch.

Create a shortcut to the UCMPCONSOLE.EXE file located in the game folder. Once started, configure and run the console server as normal. The /s /console are the default parameters. You can add others such as logging, chat etc as desired.

Both the graphics and console servers now use the ucconfigMP.ini file. A version which provides the minimal settings is provided with the patch.

You will need a new game license for a remote server install, since that counts as an additional game. For that, you need to purchase a separate digital distribution version of the game. Its cheap ($29.95), so no complaining please.

If you are looking for a good long/short term host, check out one of these. Note that APlus are the current hosts of our master server as well as this website.

APlus Value Servers

The Planet - Dedicated Servers

Server Beach

Hypernia Gaming Servers

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