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Yet we see what? A dozen? Two? 'Big Name' games that catches the media. Overall I find that I get disappointed by the big budget games, they have the hype, the attention and the 'features' that in the end seem to be disappointing, rushed or just dull. My eye is on the up and coming, the 'indie' or 'budget' developer, they seem to be able to produce with a much lower budget and amount of time superior gaming products.

In the last decade or so, I've went from buying the big games (such as Quake, WarCraft, etc.) to buying games that are indie or small (such as the Stronghold series, Space Empires, etc.) Overall my rate of satisfaction and overall pleasure of gaming has gone way up.

So, with this many games coming out, why isn't there more attention, twenty games is such a small number for the media (or any game related website it seems) to find. I wish there were (and there probably is that I don't know of) websites that instead of focusing on the big brand titles from EA and such, instead focused on the little games from developers like Spiderweb and other small, less known developers. I think gamers in general would perfer that, because in this day in age its becoming harder and harder to pick up the new and best releases at their 60$+ on consoles and 40$+ on PC.

Just my thoughts, I think the little guy should always come ahead in the end. :)

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