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GameCQ issue


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I'm not sure if you all handle issues with GameCQ, if not I apologize and ask if I can be pointed in the right direction. I've edited the stickies information requirements, since it isn't an ingame issue, if there is information you need I will gladly post it.


OS ENVIRONMENT: 1280x1024 32bit / 1024x768 32bit

GAME VERSION: Most current patch, and the default install.


Whenever GameCQ is launched, I get the connecting to meta.xxx, then connecting to GameCQ server, then I login to my account. It logs in and brings up the screen for GameCQ and promptly crashes, giving me the 'This application has encountered a problem and most close' dialog box,I ofcourse send in the error to Microsoft, not that it'll do much.

This issue has persisted from the default version of UCCE that came on the disc, to the latest version. I have a feeling, since I haven't seen any other posts about this, I suspect its an issue with my System, and if so its not a big deal (Satellite internet, can't really play). I just wanted to get this sorted out.

Here is the GameCQ 'GCQL.log'

08/13/08 21:42:17 : MetaClient::open, connecting to primary server...

08/13/08 21:42:22 : MetaClient::open, got server list...

Picture of Error.

I have it installed in 'K:\Program Files\3000AD\GameCQ'. The program says its Thank you for any help you can give!


Just load up GameCQ and login, when the main screen comes up, theres where the issue appears.

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