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It makes me sad to come back here and see most threads havn't been posted in since march and no updates to dev blogs in months. I was just wondering if maybe I'm missing something. Is the community still active some place else or is everyone waiting for GCO and Knightblade? Do people still playing multiplayer and do the fleets still meet in thier own forums some place? Just wondering if everything is dead and gone or what.

How is 3000AD doing SC ? Would you personally rate your last 5 years as a great,average, just barely scrapping by, or bad? I know you've released a lot of games in the last 5 years, though they are mostly just updated versions of the same game until Echo Squad. Just wondering how things are going for you , I hope good ^ _ ^ I hope to see 3000AD for the first of my natural life in one form or anything just like I hope for Stardock to hang around forever. Without you creating interesting and mold breaking products, lookig for ways to buck the trends and reignite genres I'm afraid EA and Microsoft will ruin everything. :)

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