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Dev Update (All Aspect Warfare)

Supreme Cmdr

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  • 2 weeks later...

My new dev blog is also up now, along with some new shots from the game.

As promised, I now going to answer some of the questions not covered in the podcast and which I answered over on the AVAULT forum.


How will the COOP play work? COOP play for me is very important and I

see many game developers neglecting this aspect in their games. COOP is

very important and most people want full COOP support in the SP mode of

the games. So please, make a good COOP experience for us.

Due to the design of the game, you can play both the single player or

multiplayer campaign in CO-OP. On the PC, doing this is not as hard as on

consoles - which usually require split screen and such.

So for us, the CO-OP single player is really just the single player

campaign running in a multiplayer environment. This allows 2-4 players

to go through it. Any available slots is filled by an NPC character.

e.g. the game features four (BRAD, BURKE, LUCAS, STEVE) each with unique

abilities and a specific career. So if you and your friend decide to

play as Brad (Mobile Infantry Marine aka "the heavy guy") and Steve (the

pilot jock), the roles of Burke and Lucas (both Elite Force Marine guys)

will be filled by NPC characters.

In multiplayer CO-OP is just a mode based on the other modes (e.g.

Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch etc); so you can just fill the server with

NPC bots.

Will you support the new Nvidea 3D stuff.

uhm no, I'm not into fads.

How do you plan on balancing air and land vehicles

so that one type doesn't completely dominate the other?

There is nothing to balance. The game is based on individual player

skills. Just because a player has access to a vehicle doesn't mean that

he dominate. Especially not when you have guys running around with

weapons of mass destruction. Not to mention that all aircrafts and

gunships have missiles that can take out most vehicles with one hit.

Also, asset use is class based. So e.g. none of the two marine careers can

fly fighters or gunships. And to fly shuttles, they need a very high XP

count - which is only derived through gameplay. Similarly, while the

pilot class (Steve) can fly anything, he also needs sufficient XP in

order to fly higher end fighters and use some vehicles which the marines

are experts at (and thus don't need XP to use). e.g. the pilot cannot

move the Mobile Forward Base. Ever. Only marines can do that.

How much flexibility will players have to

"build various in game units such as vehicles, fighters etc"? Will these

"building" persist?

There is no "flexibility" involved. You can only build vehicles and

fighter assets. Not buildings.

You need XP in order to build all types of assets.

Buildings, when destroyed, are rebuilt automatically. So are defense

units such as SAMs (Surface To Air Missile sites) and SALs (Surface To

Air Laser guns)

The entire game world is persistent as long as the server is running. If

the server or multiplayer script resets, everything resets. In single

player, the states are saved in the save game. So when you reload, it is

exactly as you left it.

There is no saving in the multiplayer world. This is not an MMO.

I'm wondering what engine you're using. Did you

make it yourselves?

We develop all our engines in house. Though we license middleware for

audio and networking.

Did you ever get a Vectrex?

uhm, yah! :D

Will there be destructible buildings?

ALL buildings are destructible. You just need the right weaponry. So you

can pretty much flatten an entire base - even in multiplayer. They will

eventually get rebuilt automatically. Or if you don't want to wait the

hour or so for a typical unit to rebuild, players who have enough XP

to use the Portably Repair Unit (which can repair anything) can also go

around rebuilding stuff.

Hey, i'm new here too, nice to meet you all.

The games looks nice so far, at least overall, though there are some

issues which bug me, like the terrain or wether you can actually use the

building (like go in, upstair, and into a random room) instead of just

hitting a button to spawn a new vehicle or stuff.

Not sure I understand the question. If the terrain bugs you, there's

nothing that I can do about that.

Also the trailers could use some editing, the first two i watched

wheren't that good, and all of them end abrupt. Like, music ending, 2

second break, new track starting, 10 seconds playing, trailer


They are raw developer videos, not media propaganda. If I thought that

it was important to screw around with editing - only in the interest of

showing only the good parts etc - I'd have had that done.

If you're more concerned about the video edit than in the game, you're

already behind the curve as to who this game is designed for. WAY behind.

Why have you decided to have such large


Covered in the podcast.

Do you plan on releasing it for the PS3 as well?

Not unless someone backs up a truck load of money at my doorstep so I

can outsource that particular nightmare to someone else, no.

I was curious, is your terrain generation

engine similar to that of Infinity: The Quest for Earth? What I mean to

say is, will it feature totally randomized maps with craters, lakes,

rivers, maps, forests etc? Or will they be randomly generated with a

certain set of perimeters that make sense for the area? What I mean is,

it would be silly to have a forest in a desert, or something like that.

All terrain engines are different. Our game does not feature a random

terrain generator because the game does not call for it. Each section of

the terrain is hand crafted. So there is no danger of seeing a forest in

the middle of a desert. If you have seen the movies and shots, then you

already know that the terrain has very interesting features and very

unique areas.

I'm wondering if you will be able to play on LAN

COOP with one CD key, that way in case a buddy doesn't have the game you

can still play on LAN with them. For some reason most games don't

support LAN with one CD key and require each person to own the game,

which can be a pain because it's quite hard to get a good number of

people to all own the same game.

No. Each player will require a copy of the game in order to play. Since

we are using a next-gen DRM scheme, there is zero chance of hacking

around this because each copy needs to authenticate as a unique copy on

the server.

I don't see why this is a pain. What does allowing people without the

game to be able play got to do with their need to buy the game? If you

can find someone to actually play the game, then they should be able to

buy it. If not, there's always the demo - which will not have

multiplayer in any way, shape or form. It is a single player only demo.

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