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The game is due out this week (its up tomorrow, but sites can release after that depending on their schedules) so I decided to take some shots specifically from AOA.

These shots show the final battle in the 16 mission campaign (you can also play any of the missions individually, then go play them in sequence in the campaign). In this final battle, the Gammies decided enough was enough and sent a Sentry super cruiser down to the planet to wipe out whatever Terran forces were down there.

Think of this as a boss battle. Those of you thinking you're going to just use missiles and laser shots to take this guy down, are in for a shock. HINT: Read ALL the incoming comms and check the comms logs (ALT+C) often to see if you missed anything.

Also, take a close look at that Sentry carrier. Thats the level of quality coming to our next space combat games (KnightBlade and GCO) as that is one of the carrier assets from KnightBlade.

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