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BC3000AD 2.0 on New Systems

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Im not sure. I tried running it on my windows 7 and it crashed whenever something blew up. (Not to mention it also caused a system failure on my crappy windows XP after i tried to run it and had to get a new hard drive)

You can try patching it (if there are any patches) and/or then run it in compatibility mode (right click the start up icon, and go to compatibility tab (or something like that)) and then mess around with it until it gives you a result you like.

If it still doesn't work, or if you are experiencing alot of problems/bugs, then i would recommend playing the freeware version of Universal Combat or buying Universal Combat Collectors Edition if you haven't done so already.

Those old games are full of bugs or problems, and newer systems tend to not like anything more than a few years older than the operating system.

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Installing BC2.0 on newer systems involves unpacking the installation file and setting the exes inside to compatibility mode.

Still I don't think you'll get much further than canshow, nowadays drivers are often hardly backward compatible with the instructions used in those old games.

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