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crash to desktop when click on observe

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i have a few characters. my favourite character has 148 saves already (always making backups, once i had a corrupt save and had to restart)

if i click on observe on any planet the game just crash to desktop. but only with this character. if i load an another existing one or just start a new roam, observe is working. a few weeks ago this character had no problems with observe, but this just started to happen, now every observe tries ends as a crash (tried to load a month old save game, but its crash the game also)

is there anyway to fix it or i have to forget the game? (i dont want to roll over or to select an another character as my main, i spent almost 2 years in this character)

thanks in advance

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Hi Ekre!

From what you wrote, it certainly sounds like your favorite character save is corrupt. You stated your other saves work fine, so that leads me to make my first statement. Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to fix the save.

Just my two cents.


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I can't do anything with corrupted saved games unfortunately. If you have had that character for that long, maybe it is time to retire him? Either that or try not to use the planetary observe feature for awhile and see if it clears up. You may also be having a memory condition because the only thing that will cause such a crash when observing a planet is the amount of data that needs to be loaded.

And if you have been doing quick, instead of full saves, there is even more potential for problems as was reported in the past (which is why that feature was removed).

You could try packing up the saved game and sending to someone else to try. If it loads on their end and observe works, they can re-save and send it back to you. The saved games are different between versions, so make sure that whoever you are sending it to, has the same exact game version as you.

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