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Vesperon hostile

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Hello, I got UCCE 2.0 several weeks ago, and I encountered the following bug:

I'm playing as ter/mil and patrolling around the polaris system. After several days of game time I've noticed the vesperons turn hostile to me, and I don't understand why. This is also a bug I've encountered in UC original version That was after only 7 hours of gameplay. They appear as hostile to all ter/mil and attack on sight. I also get points for destroying them.

I suspect this is an unknown bug as I have yet to see anyone report this. I have managed to repeat the situation on different game installs, different operating systems, with cheat mode on and without cheats ever used. After a while the ves/mil always turn hostile toward ter/mil. Is this supposed to happen?

Waiting for a reply.


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Yes, I know that can happen, but how come it's always the vesperons that declare war on the terrans? I also noticed in one game that traders went from friendly to neutral vs ter/mil. Can this be connected to the amount of ships from one faction that get killed in another faction's region? Traders get whacked often because they linger around, and I don't bother protecting them all the time, but I haven't seen vesperons in or around polaris for a whole week....

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