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Battlecruiser Millenium Gold edition

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Hiya CylonBaseStar!

You can check the Battlecruiser Millenium Gold FAQ at:


Also try a forum search for the problem you are having.

You can also visit this link and check the Knowledgebase:


Also, keep in mind that Battlecruiser Millenium Gold is no longer officially supported.


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i know its unsupported. but wanted to get it somewhere . anyway looks like no shop has it in store..

as about problem i searched forums and there is no topic regarding my problem . i try different settings from faq and notthing works. it might be vista problem because no crash on windows xp proffesional sp2.

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I suspect v1.09.03 of BCM is actually BCMG. So in that case, http://www.3000ad.com/download/ would actually work as well.

No it's not. They are two different product. e.g. one has multiplayer and the other doesn't.

BCM (freeware) vs BCM Gold

Neither one is available for sale. You can try Amazon or eBay.

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