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Original Battlecruiser 3000AD cutscene

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I love that tune! Brings back a ton of memories!

I remember when I first bought BC3K, it was buggy as all hell, but I played that game for years, until BCM came out, and then I played that until UC came out! I remember I lost a girlfriend over that game, but I didn't care!

Best space-sim ever!

Does anyone remember to usenet Flamewars? I remember comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.space-sim and the endless debates we would have.. great times!

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Derek, you can lough, but i think i've got that CD (First version of BC3000AD) and i love that intro... but when i lookin it at first time - in 1999 - i completely don't understand it : who firing? for what? who was a bad guys? whats going on actualy? :looksaround::puh: but anyway - i like this game for all life - those background in menu, animated images of spacestations different for docking GCV, shuttles, fighters, wiev from cockpit from a both seats... ehhhh ... wonderful... nostalgy... :)

Now I remember and your foto - guy with a loooong hair.. :jam_on: great time!!! :rotfl:

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