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Battlefield sounds follow me to space?

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Hi , I am just wondering if this is known or if there is away around it besides turning sound off..

Probably just an overlooked thing but I flew a shuttle down to a battle.. (Very cool to see more surface battles in roam) And I evaced my AE using the teleporter when things got too hot... problem is, now the sound of the fighting is stuck with me...

I don't want to hear surface fighting from my ship in space! Lol Thanks.

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Oh I see.. I believe I still had a shuttle on the surface, So you're saying Assets will "relay the sound feed" to the bridge(ship) If in the area still? Ok cool. (Be cool to make that a comm officer command! "Ensign, Give me audio of the situation!" =) But Still Cool regardless. thank you for the reply.


I bought the game many years ago.. It was glitchy and bugged but to this day I remember I sat through it and played it anyways, there really is nothing else out there that compares to it, And the scope is magnificent, Gameplay And Graphics which today is rarely seen.. Usually is a choice between the two. Thank you Mr Smart! for Creating it.

I am a very appreciative Fan of your efforts. May you show the world what a game can be.


I really love everything you have done with UC CE... The graphics.. the fixes... its like a new game!! And I don't believe the atmospheres of certain moons used to damage your ship, but I just now attempted to land my CC on Ganymede, Shields set at 25% entering the atmosphere I began getting damage reports.

I assumed autopilot had crashed me into the surface (as it used to do on occasion) but not the case. Seems it was the atmosphere!

So Ganymede is a No-Land Zone.. Is there a way in game to, say, scan or check if an atmosphere will be hostile?

Not important, I will likely figure it out before long anways. But yea, Very Cool!!

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