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Battlecruiser 3000AD - The Legacy

Supreme Cmdr

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I wrote a new blog about the series.

My plan forward for the BC/UC series.

We have the following engine kernels:

  1. UCCE 2.0: The final build in the kernel (patch for retail & freeware versions) is 2.00.03. no further updates
  2. UCCE 3.0: Current build used in The Lyrius Conflict DLC currently at 3.00.06. on-going bug fixes/tweaks
  3. UCCE 4.0: Final engine build with all the graphics improvements and features promised for The Lyrius Conflict


3D rendered cockpits/bridges (similar to AAW/AOA) for capital ships (x28), fighters (x29), gunships (x5), shuttles (x3)  is already planned for 4.x. It’s a LOT of work and a LOT of money. Which is why the final price in Jan 2016 for this DLC goes back up to $59.99 from the current $29.99 discount.

NOTE: The ground and naval vehicles don’t need 3D cockpits since they use the new first person UI

My plans going forward, depending on scheduling and costs, revolve around two specific titles in the BC/UC series.


Based on the 4.x engine kernel:

  1. Full 3D interiors for all capital ships (x28) with the ability to move around in fps mode manually or using T-Shafts as in Line Of Defense
  2. Full 3D interiors for all stations (x14), starbases (x8) with the ability to move around in fps mode manually or using T-Shafts as in Line Of Defense
  3. Internal pathfinding and AI improvements to allow crew (and intruders) to move around inside these 3D  ships/buildings
  4. Map representation of PERSCAN (similar to the one in Line Of Defense) for inside these 3D ships/buildings
  5. Ability to board other capital ships, engage hostile threats, take their stuff
  6. Ability to capture starbases, same as you can with starstations
  7. UI for issuing orders to crew inside these 3D ships/buildings similar to the advanced orders in AAW
  8. Animations for crew located at various stations inside these 3D ships/buildings. So you could walk into Medibay and see the MO moving around or doing whatever. Also crew moving around the ship based on their current and transit location as seen in PERSCAN.
  9. New campaign scenario. Will probably include all scenarios converted from The Lyrius Conflict


  1. Yes. But only for the Galactan class Battlecruiser MK3 carrier. Including 3D cockpit renders for it’s support craft (fighter, shuttles) complement
  2. No.
  3. Yes
  4. Yes
  5. No
  6. No
  7. Yes
  8. Yes. But only for the Galactan class Battlecruiser MK3 carrier
  9. Yes. But will only have ROAM and ACM scenarios for the Commander career
  10. 64-128 client-server session based multiplayer, similar to AAW/AOA games

As you can see, doing the BC3K remake (I will ofc change the name) will be quicker, cost way less, and depending on how the sales of TLC and BC3K remake go, can be the spring board to UCADV. And best of all, it can be done in tandem with The Lyrius Conflict since the 3D assets can be created alongside the new ones being created for that DLC.

So if TLC goes into final release by the end of 2016 as planned, it is conceivable that BC3K remake could be released by end of 2017.

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