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GBS-V Scripting Tool Released

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To make up for the long lull that's in progress due to the significant amount of assets that are being created for this DLC, I have decided to release the scripting tools.

The GBS (Game Builder System) tool includes the following:

  • PREPARE: script parser (the interpreter is built into the game and runs in real time) 
  • BCSTUDIO: 3D model viewer
  • PTESTUDIO: Planetary scene viewer
  • PLAYMOD: Tool for modifying player game profile
  • Script sources for all scenarios included in UCCE 3.x
  • Sample scripts
  • Usage docs

This tool allows you to create brand new scenario scripts for both space and planetary regions or to modify the existing ones as needed.

For more info, download links etc, visit the Modding Tools Steam discussion forum.

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